Friday, October 26, 2012

National Policy on Electronics 2012

  • to develop the Electronic System and Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sector to meet our domestic demand as well as to use the capabilities so created to successfully export ESDM products from the country.
  • to address the issue with the explicit goal of transforming India into a premier ESDM hub.
  • setting up of a National Electronics Mission with industry participation and renaming the Department of Information Technology as Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity).
  • in civilian domains such as telecom, power, railways, civil aviation, etc.
  •  Objectives
    •  to achieve a turnover of about USD 400 billion by 2020 involving investment of about USD 100 billion and employment to around 28 million people at various levels.    
    • to achieve global leadership in Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), chip design
    • To build a strong supply chain of raw materials, parts and electronic components to raise the indigenous availability of these inputs
    • To expedite adoption of best practices in e-waste management. 
    • Cyber security
    • Creating ecosystem for vibrant innovation and R&D in the ESDM sector including nanoelectronics

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