Saturday, November 10, 2012

Census 2011

 Our Census Our Future!!

Total Population of India
2011 1.21bn
2001 1.02bn

"we are the second most populous country just after China who is at 1.35bn"
We are closing on them very fast and soon we will take them down :-) !!


Decadal growth of population
2001 to 2011    17.64%
1991 to 2001    21.54%

"Govt.'s costly plans finally paying off and our effort to control population growth is visible with reduced decadal growth rate :-) "
Hats off !!

Sex Ratio
Child (0-6 years)  declined from 927 to 914
Overall increased 933 to 940

"Overall sex ratio has increased over last two decades but sex ratio in child(0-6 yrs) is matter of concern. Future generation are surely going to blame us for not finding girlfriends lol ;-)"


Area and Population of world
Area 2.4%
Population 17.5%

Urban Population share
"Increased urban population means more and more people living in cities,towns. There could be many reasons for the same. It could be due to urbanization of rural areas or migration of people from rural to urban areas." 
Think of more reasons and +ves as well as -ves of the same.

Population Density
Density rose 382 from 325
"Given constant area and increasing population, density has to rise".
Literacy rate
Overall 74.04% from 64.83%
Female 65% from 53%
Census of India 

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