Friday, November 9, 2012

Track Child

What it is??
  • A child tracking system for maintaining real time data of all children availing rehabilitation services under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme.
  • Implemented by the Union Women & Child Development Ministry
  • Due to importance of the issue the Ministry has decided to implement the same all over the country simultaneously instead of on a pilot basis.
Why it is required??
  • a sharp rise in the number of missing children each year due to various reasons including trafficking for 
    • labour, 
    • sexual exploitation and 
    • begging
  1. Provides for setting up a national portal containing identification details of the children under various schemes as well as missing children reported in the police stations. 
  2. The portal would facilitate matching of the children availing services under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme with the reported missing children.
  3. Ministry has also advised the States to facilitate data entry at the field level, provide computers with Internet connections in child welfare committees, juvenile justice boards, children homes, shelters and adoption agencies for which funds will be provide under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme.

This article can be used in following topics:
  • Essay ( Govt initiatives,Children and women)
  • Public Administration (E-governance, Role at district level)

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