Sunday, November 11, 2012

Indo-US Relation: similarities, importance, clashes

Our similarities:
  1. Big Democracies
  2. Enemy of enemy are friends , guess who ;) you will find it soon :)
  3. Our countries are multi-ethnic even though filled with strong patriotism
  4. Federation of states. [ Refer constitutional borrowings from US ]
  5. Our history
    1. Colonies of England
    2. Leaders
    3. Famous assassinations [though not a matter of pride but a painful similarity] such as in USA, Abraham Lincoln, JF Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King were assassinated. In India, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandi and Rajiv Gandh. 
  6. Film Industry : 
    •  Both have a big film industry with lots of film stars. 
    • Watching movies in both the countries is a very popular pastime. 
    •  Citizens in both these countries have a lot of admiration for their movie stars and they imitate their film stars fashion.
Why Indo-US relation is important??
  • "Save the democracy"
  •  Must to counter hegemony of China  [gotcha :) ]
             "China is militarily and economically very assertive. It is facing so many bi-lateral disputes such as with India, Japan, Vietnam, etc. Its economic policy is very simple enter, flood and destroy.
    • Enter: entry into other country's economy through bilateral relation, FDI etc. 
    • Flood: flood the economy with cheap goods. Even many times we chose cheap chinese products over indigenous product. 
    • Destroy: Need i explain? Destroy by weakening the backbone of any country's economy i.e. its domestic market which are its own manufacturing sector, agriculture sector,etc.
  •  Promote a counter to China and balance the power in Asia 
US has best chance to balance the power in Asia by encouraging India  because US wont mind a more powerful India than an uncontrolled China
  •  After losing an ally in Pakistan, US has best chances of new one in India 
    • Osama mission without Pakistan being taken into confidence
    • Shamsi airfield mis-firing killing 24 Pakistani soldiers
    • Many diplomatic reasons such US not backing Pakistan's stand on J&K,etc.
  •  Indo-US military hardware has shot up to $10bn since 2004-05 from scratch 
  •  Scope in R&D and co-production in field of 
  •  India’s opening of FDI in retail sector: must have lighten the mood of US diplomats 
  • Indo US Japan tri-lateral relation ,naval exercise  
  •  Counter terrorism < Afghanistan moving out 2014>
Point of clashes:
  • Clamping down of work visas for techies
    • increased fee for the same and tedious process
    • cutting down on job out sourcing [ haven't you noticed Obama and ROmney pulling each other on outsourcing of jobs???]
  • Civil Nuclear Deal [ will cover this in detail later]
    •  India’s the Nuclear Liability Act : -ve response of US 
    •  India’s and NSG 
      •  Competition with Pakistan and Israel   
    • India’s cyber security  [almost all server in US and India expects greater role from US]
  • Iran issue [ google and you will find lots of data on this.] In short here is summary
    • Iran threatens Israel
    • Israel is important ally of US in middle east
    • US fears Iran making Nuclear weapon
    •  So imposed many international economic sanctions on Iran to create pressure to stop any such effort.
    • India caught in between why??
      • because we cant annoy US [refer start up of this post]
      • Iran is major Oil exporter of India so our energy security relies very much on our relation with Iran]
  •    Early leaving of NATO forces from Afghanistan 
    • any destabilization there will cause economic loss to us as we have made huge investments there in terms of mineral exploitation, education tie-ups, hospitals, etc. 

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