Monday, November 12, 2012

Old age,elderly,senior citizen problems

Who are aged??
60 years + are called aged.
Characteristics of old aged people: 

characteristic of old aged,senior citizen, elderly people

  •  Elderly function 
    • Share experience 
    • Giving free advice
  • Desire to leave behind a legacy 
  • Creativity 
    • Due to huge experience 
    • Insights at all problems
  • Strong attachment to possessions whether living or non-living. [ We must have experienced elder people do not want to leave village place, etc.]
  • Disturbed time orientation: always feels time running out
Problems faced by the Aged people:
Problems faced by old aged, senior citizen,elderly people
  • Retirement
    • Identity crisis: after long service period suddenly feeling of losing all that was there to be known for 
    • Financial burden: source of income diminishes 
    • Excessive free time 
    • Reduced social circle due to reduced mobility, loss of connectivity, degraded memory,etc. 
    • Declined authority 
    • These result in 
      •  Increased dependency 
      •  Reduced self reliance 
      •  Increased frustration 
      •  Difficulty in adjustment
  • Death of spouse 
    •  Emotional crisis 
      • ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ : Large number of people are likely to die within months of spouse’s death 
      • They need emotional security and social support to overcome this syndrome
  • Physical decline and associated problem 
    • Sensory decline
    • Physiological decline 
      •  Makes them more dependent 
      •  Sexual decline 
      •  Intellectual decline 
      • These leads to problem of isolation and depression.
Problems typical to our India:
  • No old age home, even if there are few which are run by NGOs [where is Govt??]
  • Few government aided and sponsored program 
  • Poor NGOs, voluntary organizations participation 
  • Breaking of joint family leads to marginalization of old.
What measures can be taken:
  • Preventive steps such as: 
    • Old people should be warned in  their middle age about the possible crisis and how it can be managed 
    • Community can be made aware of needs of aged 
  • Mobile dispensary, mobile hospitals, organizing medical camps, setting up special clinical services and wards in hospitals for aged people. 
  • Periodic survey to know about the problems faced by aged and how they are coping with it. 
  • Financial Security: 
    • Old age pension 
    • Concessional medicine and travel 
    • Lucrative insurance scheme 
    • Pre-retirement training programs (how to invest and how to save) 
  • To ensure emotional security 
    • Form old age clubs 
    • Religious tour 
    • Family care 
  • Physical security 
    • Day care centers similar to baby centers with diverse activities 
    • Old age homes 
    • Strict punishment for mistreatment 
  • Taking care of leisure time 
    • Spiritual activities 
    • Skill sharing
The Maintenance and welfare of Parent and Senior Citizens Act 2007
  1. Senior Citizen/Parent/Grand Parent who is unable to maintain himself from his own income can claim from his children
  2. Childless senior citizen can claim from relative who will inherit his property
  3. State Govt. to constitute Maintenance Tribunals at the sub-divisional Level
  4. Tribunal can award upto 10000/- per month by his child/relative. Tribunal has to decide on any application within 90 days.
  5. Transfer of property can be declared void if negligence on part of child in looking after Senior citizen (after commencement of this act)
  6. Abandonment of a senior citizen is punishable with imprisonment upto 3 months or 5000/- fine or both.  


  1. Fruitful information,Chandu,great job..if bill properly implemented can do wonders but why to be dependent on government, children and others, it's better to take preventive measures at the time when you have strength to control world, as rightly said by you. I mean, much resources should be spent in making them more and more aware to manage their present(middle age), live sustainably and thus, eventually make their way ahead secure. They should make investment like LIC, mutual funds, savings account etc. I do agree that these bills are more than worth, but it takes time..say, it involves a lot of cumbersome procedures to claim. So, it's better to look for prevention than for cure. It has been rightly said Nothing and no one is in our control, other people's mind may not do what we want, we only have control on our life..:-):-)

  2. An article that effectively presents the issues faced by the senior citizens in India. It was good to read the points mentioned about the senior citizens’ act. To all the senior citizens who will be reading the blog, I would like to mention the name of an organization, “The Golden Estate” which has taken an initiative and through its efforts tried to help out the senior citizens by providing all the modern amenities and fool proof security at the The Golden Estate.

  3. An interesting manner to present your thoughts. Considering that time is the most valued thing these days, this method seems to be pretty effective. It’s nice to see more and more people coming forward every day to support the elderly, but a lot more is required. We need to ensure that seniors get the respect they deserve to live a life of dignity and make these the golden years of life.

  4. I agree with the act but sometimes this might go too far for people living in other countries (NRI)and not able to personally take care of the parents but are providing them with good food, shelter and clothing. Still Senior Citizens falsely accuse them though they even get pension of 15,000/- every month. In my case we are 4 sons who have to take care together but for the past 13 years i was the one who took care of them and now they accuse me (NRI) and would like to take away all the property from me which they have given earlier and would like to give it to others who are with them. I would like to know if this is fair in their part? listening to other sons and falsely accusing the NRI son.

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  6. This is a great article. Senor Citizen unemployed has been a big issue for many years. With certain health care plans being created, some people can not afford bills and other expenses. This article is correct by saying there are a lot of financial problems with aged people. Due to retirement, this can also have an effect on their remaining income. A safe solution could be to open a credit union checking account to make sure they make the most of their hard earned money and it is safe

  7. thanx......
    very helpful

  8. Its most exceedingly dreadful piece was that the thing just worked intermittently and the data was not right. You obviously can't go up against anyone about what you have found if the information isn't right.